Co-operation network

John Deere

John Deere Forestry Oy is Outokummun Metalli’s partner in the manufacture of harvester heads. Take a closer look at the world’s leading forestry machine brand.


Harvester heads are sold as stand-alone products under the Waratah brand owned by John Deere. Also the harvester head frames manufactured by Outokummun Metalli are delivered under the Waratah brand.


Koneosapalvelu is Outokummun Metalli’s subsidiary, specialising in technical trade. The company manufactures and maintains timber processing machines, spare parts and hydraulics.

Pentin Paja

Outokummun Metalli is a shareholder in Pentin Paja, which manufactures Naarva felling heads, energy wood heads, stroke harvesters, and uprooters for a wide range of wood harvesting and young forest management tasks.