Outokummun Metalli awarded as the Most Active Workplace

Outokummun Metalli was honored with the “Most Active Workplace in the Region” award at the North Karelia Sports Gala on January 27, 2024, in Joensuu. The sports gala was organized by the Sports Federation of North Karelia (Pokali) in collaboration with the Regional Council.

The Sports Federation of North Karelia conducted Active Workplace (SAT) surveys during the autumn of 2023, and Outokummun Metalli performed the best in this survey in the North Karelia region. The SAT survey includes assessing how a physically active lifestyle and a culture that promotes physical activity are reflected in the work community. It also examines aspects such as ergonomic factors and the facilitation of employee physical activity.

Greetings from the Sports Gala

The “Most Active Workplace in the Region” award, presented to Outokummun Metalli, was included in Pokali’s traditional Sports Gala award categories for the first time this year because SAT surveys were conducted for the first time in 2023. The award was handed over to Outokummun Metalli by Region Mayor Markus Hirvonen and Katri Hirvonen, Pokali’s adult sports developer. During the award ceremony, it was mentioned that Outokummun Metalli provides significant benefits to its employees to enhance well-being at work. In addition to the commonly offered employee benefits related to sports and culture, employees also have the opportunity to utilize other well-being services. The awarded company’s management is willing to invest in employee well-being and resilience and actively seeks effective ways to achieve this.

The award was accepted by Sari Karhu, the CFO of Outokummun Metallli, and Ville Väänänen, HR specialist. CFO Sari Karhu summarized the company’s feelings: “We received the award with joy and gratitude. It’s truly pleasing that our efforts to improve the overall well-being of our personnel are being recognized. As a responsible employer caring for the well-being of our employees, our active work continues forward.”

Urheilugaala24-Ville ja Sari_Kuva-Saara Huopalainen-7733

Representatives of Outokummun Metalli, Ville Väänänen and Sari Karhu, receiving the award. Photo: Saara Huopalainen.

We are part of the Buusti360 network

Outokummun Metalli has been part of the national Buusti360 network since its establishment at the beginning of 2022. Buusti360 is a national employee sports network that serves as a free development forum for well-being coordinators in workplaces. The goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of well-being in workplaces and provide practical tools for promoting employee sports. In practice, the network’s work is carried out through regional actors, with North Karelia being represented by the Sports Federation of North Karelia (Pokali).

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